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Van Rentals

Rent a Comfortable Wheelchair Equipped Van from Black Hawk Vans located in Rapid City, SD

Benefits for $150 / day
or $750 / week

  •    Keychain remote control

  •    Kneeling rear suspension

  •    Removable passenger seat

  •    Removable driver seat

  •    Automatic passenger sliding door

  •    Automatic foldout or in-floor ramp

  •    Lowered floor

  •    Wheelchair / occupant securement system

  •    Interior OEM control switches

  •    Custom ground effects


If you live in an area that lacks handicap parking spaces or if your garage is too narrow for a side-entry van, you might need a rear entry van.

Call Black Hawk Vans now to find out what is right for you! 605-342-2104

Power Ramp

You will get exceptional convenience as the door and ramp are each operated with a key fob remote control. You just have to press a button and the door opens, the ramp deploys, and the van kneels.

Side Entry

A side-entry van gives you extra room for maneuverability because either the entire floor of the vehicle is lowered, or just a portion, depending on the type of vehicle. In a rear-entry vehicle, your wheelchair will ride on a channel installed in the middle of the floor, from the second row to the rear of the vehicle.

Providing Better Mobility & Accessibility for the Physically Challenged.


Call Black Hawk Vans in Rapid City at 605-342-2104.

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Our mission is to help physically challenged and handicapped people to lead more active, productive and happier lives. We strive every day to provide products best suited for daily activities for more accessibility and mobility.

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