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MPS Quality Driving Aids for the Physically Challenged

Driving aids like Signal Crossovers, Sure Switch, and Spinner Knob enable people to achieve their mobility goals. The Sure Switch helps you turn headlights on /off, dim your headlights, signal left or right, activate your 4-way flashers, honk your horn. Unlike other spinner knobs, this patented design has two free running balls racers, for easy operation.

Bridge that gap with the Step Up Gas Pedal Extender

A difficulty faced by physically challenged people when buying vehicles is the distance between the brake pedal and the accelerator. The Step Up Gas Pedal acts an extender for your car, truck or van’s accelerator. This gas pedal extender is convenient for those who have to stretch to reach their vehicle’s pedals. The pedal is made for a flat rectangular shaped pedal and adds 2 inches of height. It provides a much more comfortable and safe driving experience. There will be no more straining upwards in your seat or awkward sitting positions.

You can quickly remove the Step Up Gas Pedal if you need to switch drivers. For convex and odd angled pedals, you can mold and trim the step up slightly for comfort.

Check out the Guidosimplex F1 EVO Stationary Mechanical Floor Mount Accelerator and Brake Lever.

Some of our Driving Assistance Controls

Push Pull Hand Control

Push Pull Hand Control

Spinner Knobs

Spinner Knobs

Tri Pin Spinner

Tri Pin Spinner

Pedal Extenders

Pedal Extenders

Providing Better Mobility & Accessibility for the Physically Challenged.


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